Time to get that damn diamond


Time to get that damn diamond

In partnership with Mejuri
Published April 2, 2024

Step into Mejuri’s universe, where each piece of jewelry is not just worn but lived in, embodying in-house design, unparalleled craftsmanship, and a commitment to responsible sourcing. Mejuri’s collections feature essential, high-quality pieces crafted from responsibly sourced materials, ensuring they accompany you on every journey, seamlessly fitting into your daily life. At Mejuri, they pride themselves on collaborating with trusted suppliers worldwide, guaranteeing that every piece reflects our dedication to quality, sustainability, and timeless design. With an exclusive offer of 15% OFF ALL DIAMONDS and selected best-selling styles until April 9, it’s your golden opportunity to elevate your spring wardrobe with pieces that truly sparkle and shine. So, why wait for a special occasion? Make every day extraordinary with Mejuri’s handcrafted diamond pieces.

Step into Mejuri’s World of Diamonds

Bold Hoops: A Statement of Style

The Pave Diamond Bold Medium Hoops aren’t just earrings; they’re declarations. Perfect for every setting, they bring sophistication with a sparkle.

Bar Bracelet: Wrist Glamour

The Pave Diamond Bar Bracelet in 14k gold is luxury redefined. Stack it or flaunt it solo; it’s the sparkle you won’t want to miss.

Letter Pendant: Personalized Shine

Personalize your sparkle with the Diamond Letter Pendant. It’s your story, set in 14k gold and dazzling diamonds.

Charm Necklace: Style It Your Way

Imagine a piece that can adapt to your mood, outfit, or occasion, ready to be personalized with charms that tell your story. It’s like a blank canvas for your style, waiting to be adorned.

Heart Necklace: Love in a Sparkle

The Mini Heart Pave Diamond Necklace is a little gesture with a big impact. It’s love, captured in a timeless sparkle.

Tennis Necklace: Classic Elegance

Embrace modern luxury with the Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace, a piece that marries tradition with innovation. These ethically produced diamonds offer brilliance and clarity, set in a classic design that’s both timeless and sustainably minded.

With Mejuri, make every day an occasion. Sparkle with style, and let your jewelry narrate your story of elegance and joy.

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