Unlock the City with citizenM: Score Up to 30% Off on Urban Retreats!

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Unlock the City with citizenM: Score Up to 30% Off on Urban Retreats!

In partnership with citizenm
Published january 28, 2024

The city’s pulse is the modern traveler’s heartbeat, and citizenM hotels serve as the perfect backdrop to the symphony of lights, sounds, and experiences that the urban landscape offers. As the year unfolds into its most festive season, citizenM is not just opening its doors—it’s unlocking possibilities with an unmissable sale.

citizenM’s Grand Sale: A Gateway to Urban Luxury Imagine a hotel experience that resonates with the rhythm of the city it dwells in. That’s citizenM for you—offering up to 30% off room rates for a limited time, inviting you to immerse yourself in the culture, convenience, and comfort that each of their locations boasts.

More Than Savings: A Membership Awaits Every booking made during this grand sale comes with an exclusive 6-month mycitizenM+ membership. This isn’t your average hotel loyalty program; it’s your all-access pass to premium comforts, extra amenities, and a host of tailor-made experiences that make every stay exceptional.

Time Is of the Essence

This opportunity is as fleeting as the autumn leaves. Book by the 27th of November to secure your urban retreat anytime until the 31st of March, 2024. Whether you’re eyeing a cozy winter getaway or an early spring sojourn, the clock is ticking. Don’t let this chance slip by.

A Hotel Experience Redefined

At citizenM, the hotel experience is rethought from the ground up to cater to those who carry the world in their pocket. With one foot in the future, citizenM rooms boast super-comfy beds, customizable room ambience, and technology that understands your needs, all encapsulated within art-infused walls that tell a local story.

Delve Into the citizenM Universe

Why do travelers across the globe choose citizenM? It’s the seamless check-in process, the 1-minute Wi-Fi connection promise, the living rooms that feel like a slice of art heaven, and the 24/7 canteens serving up local flavors and global favorites. But it’s also about the smiles, the ‘hello’ in your language, and the knowledge that, here, you’re both a guest and a local.

Local Love: The citizenM Guide to Urban Exploration Each citizenM hotel is a hub, a starting point for exploration. In the heart of Times Square, let the city’s energy invigorate you. Stroll along the Thames when in London, or find Amsterdam’s hidden gems just around the corner. CitizenM’s doors open to the best each metropolis has to offer—iconic landmarks, hidden cafes, and neighborhoods buzzing with character. In our blog’s travel guides, we’ll share curated local itineraries that pair perfectly with your stay.

Your Travel Stories, Enhanced by Karma

As citizenM rolls out the red carpet for the season’s festivities, claiming your spot in their cosmopolitan embrace is not just about smart savings; it’s about creating stories worth telling. And as you’re charting your course to these urban treasures, let Karma streamline your journey. Add Karma to your desktop,  or take it along via our our app, ensuring that your voyage through the world of citizenM is as smooth as their lobbies are stylish. With Karma, your adventures are just a click away.

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