Shop Smart, Save Big: Under $50 Must-Haves


Shop Smart, Save Big:
Under $50 Must-Haves

Published April 1, 2023
Ok, so it’s pretty known that we love online shopping (no, it’s not becoming a problem, mom!) But since our bank account doesn’t fully approve of our passion, we knew we had some smart spending skills to pick up. That’s why now we’re always on the hunt for wallet-friendly finds that won’t leave us with a crippling sense of guilt (but will still look and feel ultra bougie).
This time we went budget shopping and returned with a cart full of major finds for under $50. Yes, we’re serious. Best part? You can score even bigger savings by shopping with Karma. We’re talking lower prices, cashback, and auto coupons on your shopping haul. Anyway, let’s go shopping. 
We don’t know who to thank for this, but we’re incredibly grateful that the trend of wearing workout clothes without actually working out isn’t going away. Seriously, we are comfy. And speaking of comfort, we’re obsessed with these nude Nike bike shorts. We picture ourselves wearing them with chunky sneakers, an oversized sweatshirt, and a well-worn cream-colored hat for a major Hailey-meets-Kendall-for- coffee vibes.
We’re always on the hunt for the perfect T-shirt, one that offers both a perfect fit and a level of comfort that we’ll refuse to take off. The tricky part is that they’re not easy to find. Luckily, Madewell’s ribbed T-shirt ticks all of our boxes and is kind of luxurious in quality and feel?! Therefore, we’ll take two, please.
Kim can do no wrong in our eyes, and obviously, the rest of the world agrees since SKIMS has taken over everyone’s underwear drawer. Known for its super-inclusive fits, the “fits everybody” bralette has gone viral for its “supportive stretch, second-skin softness, and live-in comfort” – words that perfectly describe the level of support we need. Mostly emotional.
You know you’re a full-on adult when throw blankets excite you as much as tequila used to. Whenever we spot an earth-toned blanket effortlessly draped over an armchair, our fingers automatically hit the “add to cart” button. It’s like a “you’re past 25” reflex. Anyway, this cozy Zara Home blanket is no exception, and our order is already in the works.
For all of our scatterbrained Sallys, this gadget is a must-have. Tile offers cute techy keychains and credit-card-like locators to keep track of everything we tend to lose. Heading out and can’t find your keys? Just tap “Find” in the app, and the Tile on your keys will ring. The same goes for your phone, wallet, and even your remote. 
Everyone knows that we’re a bunch of basic Bs deep down, and since we’re 100% leaning in, being into candles is part of the starter kit. And no one does candles like Diptyque Paris. The Ambre best-seller may be small, but it’s mighty, giving off 20 hours of burning bliss. We’re already on our third purchase of this one and counting.

Don’t have Karma yet?! Omg, lol, what are you waiting for?
Add Karma to your desktop, or take it on the go using our app. Either way, your online shopping is about to get way better.

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