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SS 2023 Denim Trends We’re Actually Excited About

If you plan on buying anything this upcoming season, you need to make sure it’s made of denim. The iconic, timeless fabric has cemented its place as a casual wardrobe staple since, well, forever. But lately, we’ve also seen denim pop up all over luxury runways, giving it a major red-carpet moment. And honestly, we’re into it.(and the planet)
while doing it.

Published April 1, 2023

From Bottega Veneta to Chloé, Givenchy, and Alaïa, super high-end brands are showcasing denim on denim on denim, turning what used to be a base item for building looks into the front-and-center showpiece. 

With TikTok making trends go viral faster than we can say “Canadian tux,” it’s literally getting hard to keep up with what’s hot. That’s why we’ve gathered the latest and greatest denim styles that will be everywhere these upcoming months. Oh, did we mention that you can get them for less $ with Karma

The Denim Maxi | Princess Polly

Denim skirt, but make it looooooong, chic and comfy. 

The Wider, the Better | NET-A-PORTER

Because the world is not prepared to let skinny jeans come back.

The Deconstructed | Free People

This gives serious Y2K vibes, and if you were around back then, you’re feeling pretty nostalgic right now.

Showing some cleavage? Nah. We’re showing some ankle, and it’s just as hot. 

It’s a ‘throw it on and leave’ kind of style, and we lazy b’s can definitely relate. 

The Cargo | Urban Outfitters 

Pockets as far as the eye can see for those days when you feel like ditching your purse. 

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